Dragon Prince

I’m a survivor. All of us who were abducted as children from earth are…or at least those of us who are still alive.

When my best friend’s ship crashes into a prehistoric jungle planet, I do what I do best: I survive. And I protect and train the only other survivor from the crash—young half-dragon, half-human child.

For five years, we’ve hunted gigantic beasts and scavenged man-eating plants. Then, an imperial ship crashes, and we’re no longer alone.

This dragon prince warrior is used to women falling at his feet. With a body like that, I can’t blame them, but I have more important things on my mind than getting it on with a huge, muscular, alpha alien. If he thinks there’s going to be anything between us other than a shaky truce until we escape this lethal planet, he’s got another thing coming.

I’ve never worn a collar. I refuse to be any royal dragon’s slave, and I’d rather die than be one of their “mates.” I’m fighting for my freedom, nothing else.

But when a slaver ship crashes, we’re no longer just fighting for our lives. It will take all my strength and guile to fend them off and protect the little girl I’ve come to love as if she were my own daughter.

The dragon prince has sworn to help, but his power comes with a price. He doesn’t want a truce.

He wants me.


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